Request greeting for the 90th anniversary of founding of the Communist Party of Ecuador - Partido Comunista del Ecuador


miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2016

Request greeting for the 90th anniversary of founding of the Communist Party of Ecuador

Dear Comrades:

On 23 May 1926 the Communist Party is founded in Ecuador PCE, which since its creation becomes an instrument and a weapon defending the rights of Ecuadorian people and their allegiance to Marxist principles - Leninist.

Our party has won great victories for the people, being the engine of the exploited classes, the road has been very hard for the PCE in these ninety years, enduring the harshest repressions of the military dictatorships and civilian, of anticommunism sectors reactionary and vicious attacks of "ultra-leftism" that have always played him right agencioso causing divisions and attacks on our party.

The PCE is part of that vanguard of the working class, among its most prominent activists who have swelled their ranks they are: Ricardo Paredes, Pedro Saad, Dolores Cacuango, Transito Amaguaña, Alba Calderon Gil, Enrique Gil Gilbert, Joaquín Gallegos Lara, Milton Jijon, Edwin Perez, and many prominent members of the PCE who have demonstrated their loyalty to the Ecuadorian people.

In this commemorative date of revolutionary character, hope your fraternal greetings organization, so we have created this email exclusively for this date, plus the phone number +593994678690 for sending video greetings in micro format by the App whatsapp.

On May 23, 2016, at 7:00 pm, it will be held in Guayaquil, the National Political celebration of the 90th anniversary of the PCE, and which wish to spread to our membership and friends salutation messages and solidarity of our sister organizations and friends in the world. Therefore we ask you to send us your greeting until May 21.

Fraternal greetings,

International Relations Committee
Communist Party of Ecuador
Communist Youth of Ecuador